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Full Qualifications

Full Qualifications


We live in a tough economy where having the right credentials is a key in getting the right job.  Our full qualifications will boost your career towards the right direction and make you the employee of choice.

Certificate in Municipal Financial Management_L6

Certificate in Municipal Financial Management_L6


Social and economic transformation is a core responsibility of local government. Through increasing the financial management capacity of government office bearers and employees the social and economic programmes of government will be implemented effectively, efficiently and economically.

The qualification serves to provide the opportunity for new and existing public sector employees to gain financial management competencies. In this light it serves to allow access to management positions for groupings previously excluded from such positions. Through providing financial management competencies South Africa’s democracy can be strengthened, through strengthening the ability of local government to deliver. Delivery of services, and most importantly of basic services will contribute to the social and economic development of the country. As individuals competencies improve, the quality as well as the effectiveness and efficiency of local government will improve. Managers with competencies in financial management will assure that all processes of budgeting, financial management, internal control, auditing and reporting meet the conditions of relevant legislation and in this way are accountable to the public.

For this reason, 19 out of this qualification’s 21 unit standards have been made part of the National Treasury’s Minimum Competency Regulations to be complied with by all local government managers as stipulated in Gazette 29967 of 15 June 2007.


FET Certificate in Project Management_L4

FET Certificate in Project Management_L4


The Project industry is integral in the global business environment and skilled practitioners are required to meet the demands of the industry, providing significant benefits to individuals, global corporations and the country.  This full qualification caters for the current and future needs of those working on projects, in a general skills-set that is not sector-specific.

Projects are diverse in their nature, so a wide range of competencies is required to manage them and other similar systems and programmes. The Qualification gives accessibility and flexibility to the unemployed and employed. The level of flexibility reflects the multiple job roles, organisational requirements and changing technological nature of the industry and also allows the individual to work towards a nationally recognised Qualification.

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