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Mastering Personal Finance

Mastering Personal Finance



Course Overview

Course Overview


The Mastering Personal Finances Skills Programme is intended to assist all learners with basic budgeting skills, enabling them to understand concepts such as income and expenditures, savings and investments, etc. by using practical real-life examples.


Primary Purpose Of The Course

Primary Purpose Of The Course


This unit standard aims to impart the knowlledge and skills for managing personal finances on any size of a budget.  The skills can also be used in managing a business unit or small business’ finances to ensure sustainability.


Who Should Attend

Who Should Attend


This programme is intended for anyone who earns a personal income both from formal or informal employment, including those who get an allowance they need to manage for their upkeep.  But these skills are also applicable to people working or intending to work with a unit’s finances both inside and outside a formal organisation, large or small and in any industry.


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